iPhone reparatie in Rotterdam, Netherlands

The most reliable mobile repairing service in Rotterdam, Netherlands

phones are notorious for having, shall we say, fragile displays. You must always take care of them. But what will you do if it shatters into a thousand pieces one day? You will undoubtedly be concerned about the expense, which is where we come in. In Rotterdam, Netherlands, we provide the best iPhone screen repair service at a reasonable price.

Above Glass IT Solutions strives to give the best customer experience possible in Rotterdam, Netherlands, from the initial consultation through the completion of all projects. We provide the most extensive selection of screen-related services and products. For our client’s convenience, we provide a mobile service that will bring their goods straight to their door. We offer a choice of options and one-of-a-kind solutions to accommodate a wide range of budgets.

What we offer

We provide a comprehensive range of mobile phone services in Rotterdam, Netherland, including online mobile repair, doorstep mobile repair, and mobile repair stores/shops. We’ve also renovated our mobile stores, where you can get branded phones for half the price with a 6-month service warranty.

If you have a Smartphone and a Laptop, which you almost surely have in today’s culture, you’ve come to the right place! Above Glass IT Solutions redefines “fixing” by making it more easy, effective, efficient, and accessible to all mortals who thought getting their phone or laptop repaired was the worst nightmare of their lives in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


Who are we

Founded over a decade ago we are now a worldwide company, renowned for its, electronic device repairing service. You name the brand- Samsung, Huawei, Iphones or even Xiaomi, we can repair them all within a day. We have more than 500+ happy customers in Rotterdam, Netherlands alone. From laptops to tablets nothing is too difficult to repair for us.

We at Above Glass IT Solutions of Rotterdam, Netherlands wants to make sure each and every one of our customers is treated with the utmost care and expertise possible. Listed below are our standards of Customer Service – the things that we feel are important and seek to perform for each customer

So if you have a broken device, you know where to go in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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